Zailaf Technology

Let our expertise be a fuel for
your innovations.

Highly competent team at Zailaf with great HVACR R&&D experience provides solutions in, Cooling Tunnel for bakery Industry, Humidification, Dehumidification, Heating, Cooling, Water Chiller, Telecom and Data Centers heat management.
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Industrial Automation:
Association with the parent company Ratna Machines brings a history of more than 25 years in machine manufaturing. We at Zailaf offer services in Robotic Arms design and Process Automation.
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Software Services:
Project Consultancy to get your projects on track. Software Development/Outsourcing to help meet the ever shrinking deadlines. Man Power to meet the volatile business needs. Varification, Validation and Qualification of Avionics Softwares and Tools done by the people who know Avionics.
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Training Solution:
Aimed at Avionics industry we offer highly focused class room training and courses to make the engineers of today ready for tomorrows avionics. Delivered by industry experts.
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Our Vision and Mission


In the era of growing demand in the HVACR, Aerospace and Automation industry, driven by the constant need of innovative and re-usable cost effective solutions, Zailaf Technology brings a unique blend of expertise from Aerospace, defense, manufacturing and Graphics Virtualization to provide cutting edge solutions for the Aerospace and Industrial Automation industry to make them future ready.