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Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration:

In the era of growing demand in the HVACR, driven by the constant need of innovative and re-usable cost effective solutions, Zailaf Technology brings a unique blend of expertise from HVAC, Aerospace, defense, manufacturing and Graphics Virtualization to provide cutting edge solutions for the HVACR, Aerospace and Industrial Automation industry to make them future ready.
Zailaf has vast experience & expertise in handling complex programs and offers a range of custom solutions that can address the industry problems at various stages. Each of these solutions are strategically aligned to each other to provide enduring value for all stake holders and to become the first choice partners to global OEM's around the world.
Due to R&D background of the core team we are also providing research asistance in solving complex process/product related issues.

Our Capabilities in HVACR:

  1. Water and Glycol Chiller
    1. Air Cooled Scroll Chiller
    2. Water Cooled Scroll Chiller
    3. Evaporative Scroll Chiller
  2. FCU - Aircon (Indoor Unit Only)
  3. AirCon - (Indoor + Outdor Unit)
  4. Dehumidifier
    1. Refrigeration type
    2. Desiccant Type
  5. Humidifier
    1. High Pressure Mist System
    2. Centrifugal Mist System
    3. Ultrasonic Mist System
    4. Steam Based
  6. Heating System
    1. Steam based
    2. Duct FIN Heaters
    3. Infrared Heaters
    4. Oven Exhaust - Heat Exchanger
  7. Communication Tower AC
  8. Server Rack AC
  9. Control Panel AC.


Fully equipped training center to provide classroom training to HVAC engineers.